The Cape to Cape Track Hiking Guide for Smartphones

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More than just information on the track itself, and the interactive trail maps show you where you are and where the next campsite, sight, or food/water stop is!

Easy to use

We guarantee that you will find this App very user friendly. We pride ourselves on keeping things simple.
After all, ‘great design is eliminating all unnecessary details’. -Minh Tran


When the GPS is turned on, your location is shown as the blue dot. You can track your progress, find food and water and more. NO internet needed, so it will never stop working in mobile black spots. Now that is Reliable.


Useful before and during your trip!

Use it to plan your trip, then take it on your hike and have the best experience knowing you won’t ever get lost! It’s a complete guide in your pocket!

Top Features

Always in your pocket

Most people never leave their phones at home, so the guide will always be with you, ready to show you where to go.

Better than a paper guide

Paper guides and maps are out of date the minute they're published. And they can't show you where you are and how far to the next campsite.

Fast to use

Because it doesn't constantly check in with the Internet, it is SUPER fast to use, and it won't stop working when your mobile signal disappears.

Where is the Cape to Cape Track?

You can find it in the South West corner of Western Australia.

Where is the Cape to Cape Track?

Looking for more information about the Region?

Then download our FREE Margaret River & Surrounds Find the Fun App!
It has everything you need to find your way around the Region.


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The Cape to Cape Track Guide is the ONLY guidebook App that works without needing internet.