Gear Advice for hiking the Cape to Cape Track Gear

Backpacking Gear Advice

What to Take on the Cape to Cape Track or on any overnight or multi-day hiking trip.

The following is a typical checklist that I use whenever I’m heading out backpacking. I hope it’s helpful for your next hike!

Backpacking gear and advice. What to bring on an overnight hike.
Backpacking at Yosemite California (yes, it’s not the Cape to Cape Track, but it is a beautiful part of the world!).


All clothing should be highly breathable and quick dry. Cotton is a terrible good choice as once it gets wet, it stays wet.

  • Hiking boots (they should fit you in the shop when you first try them on. Don’t think that you will ‘break them in’ because you probably won’t)
  • Long pants
  • Long-sleeved shirt (for scratchy bush, sun and mosquito protection)
  • Light fleece top (keep it near the top of your pack for lunch stops when you may get a bit cool)
  • Thermal underwear or other clothes that you keep dry in your pack (for evening; it gets cool here at night even in summer)
  • Extra pair of warm socks in your pack (if you get cold feet, then dry socks are good for wearing in your sleeping bag)
  • Beanie or toque
  • Light raincoat (I bring rain pants if a lot of rain is expected, otherwise I don’t worry if my pants get a bit damp, since they are made from quick dry material)
  • Warm jacket (I have a Primaloft that packs really small and is super warm)
  • Light gloves (for if you get cold hands easily)
  • Sun hat
  • Underwear
  • Swimsuit and microfiber towel
  • Clothes of your choice for camp
  • Light shoes/thongs for camp to give your feet a break from your boots (and for easy on/easy off when getting in and out of your tent)
Gear Advice for a rainy day on the Cape to Cape Track
The Cape to Cape Track near Moses Rock Campsite.
  • Tent
  • Inflatable sleeping mat
  • Sleeping bag (I recommend that you get one with a hood so that you can pull the strings closed around your head if you get cold)
  • Silk sleeping bag liner (keeps your bag clean and adds a layer of warmth)
  • Inflatable pillow (or fill your sleeping bag stuff-sack with clothes)


  • Stove and fuel bottle(s)
  • Lighter and back-up matches (in case your lighter breaks), sealed in a plastic Ziplock bag
  • Pot and lid
  • Plate/bowl, fork, spoon
  • Swiss Army knife
  • Sturdy plastic drinking cup
  • Dishcloth and biodegradable soap
  • Small plastic jar of cooking oil

General Supplies:

  • Back pack with padded, adjustable shoulder and hip straps
  • Water purification tablets or drops, or a filtration pump
  • Any medication and toiletries that are specific to your needs
  • Sunglasses
  • Lip balm
  • Water bottles/water bladder
  • Toothpaste/toothbrush
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • Compass and map
  • Mobile phone (with the Cape to Cape Track Hiking Guide downloaded on it!)
  • Camera
  • Toilet paper & tissues
  • Couple of extra Ziplock bags
  • Headlamp and spare batteries
  • Hiking poles if you like to use them
  • First Aid Kit (there is a list in the App of what you should bring)
  • A large, sturdy plastic bag that you can put everything into inside your pack if it rains
  • A length of light rope for hanging things up to dry if needed
  • A light tarp if rain is predicted (with lengths of light rope for tying to trees or rocks)
  • A small roll of duct tape (can come in handy to repair a rip in your back pack, tent or even clothes)
  • Phone charger & cable and small solar panel (they are smaller than tablets now) or a portable power storage unit (available at Harvey Norman)
  • Book, journal, pens
  • Deck of cards/cribbage board/dice, etc

When packing your pack, think about putting the heavy items in the middle of your pack, closest to your back. Then pack lighter items around those heavier ones. This will help you to keep your balance as you hike because your pack won’t be pulling you over.

Being well prepared with all of the basic items you need will make your hike so enjoyable.

If there are other items you bring along, please leave your comments in the comments section.

Rhonda Oshanek
Rhonda wrote the Cape to Cape Track Hiking Guidebook App to give people the most useful information about the Track. She is also co-author of the popular Margaret River Find the Fun App guide, which has tons of useful information on beaches, surfing, road riding, mountain biking and all you need to find everything you are looking for in the region. She has also created a dozen websites and is a freelance medical writer, mainly focused on oncology, Multiple Sclerosis and new biologic medications.